Cellular companies marketing internet learning
Cellular companies marketing internet learning
0 April 16, 2016

The impact of technology on education has been massive. The advancements have been welcomed in all sectors of the education throughout the course of developments made in personal computing. In fact, computers have always been marketed from a learning viewpoint. They have constantly been a part of schools and colleges in all parts of the world since the past decade. After the arrival of the internet and World Wide Web, exchange of information was possible on a global. This unprecedented facility of international access to data was seen as an opportunity to share knowledge, which has formed the basis of internet learning today.

With the advent of 3G and 4G technologies in mobile internet, high speed browsing, surfing and downloading can be achieved on the go. This makes gaining access to the internet extremely easy. On a college campus location students can easily go online without the need of computer labs, which can invariably accommodate a limited number of students. Telecomm firms all around the globe have used the concept of internet learning to market the provision of their internet facilities. With smartphones becoming more affordable by the day, an incredible amount of effort goes into developing apps which make learning fun. From school level math to riveting rocket science, internet teaches everything.

 Online courses, degrees and certificates

A remarkable number of online courses, degrees and certificates are up for grabs from the best institutes in the world. Most universities in the US are even offering full online Masters Programs. There is a multitude of certificate courses which the students can easily get their hands on. YouTube tutorials, online lectures and webinars from Ivy leagues and their professors are a source of invaluable education for students all around the globe.

Use of cell phones in class

Technology is everywhere and so is the temptation of using it. It will always have a trick up its sleeve to attract your attention. Cell phones which were initially invented as a means of emergency contact are now used more for chit chat. Games and social networking have created quite a distraction for students in class. It is common practice for students to text during class times and is becoming a growing matter of disrespect on part of the teachers.

Too much dependence upon internet; libraries deserted

‘Excess of everything is bad’, and no wonder excess of internet use has its cons too. Seeking internet help all the time has interfered with the pupils’ ability to think for themselves. The provision of such enormous source of information on one’s fingers has managed to create the menace of plagiarism. Copying text from the internet to fulfill classwork and homework commitments is becoming quite a norm among students and is an issue which still needs dealing with. In the past where people had to resort to libraries and scan through large amounts of text to find answers to their questions, now they do it by simply typing the query on Google. The convenience which technology brings in all spheres of life has eliminated the word ‘strive’ from our lives.

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