How astute Networking helps MBA Students achieving desired Goals?
How astute Networking helps MBA Students achieving desired Goals?
0 December 3, 2014

Networking is an art of establishing productive relationships with key individuals who might help you in any walk of life, like your next job search, getting an admission or any unknown opportunity, which you would not be able to get on your own. Being an MBA student, one would be in need of references of teachers for admission to any Business Institute or internship supervisors, entrepreneurs etc. for a specific job.

Imagine if you had to move into a new city, you would definitely feel uncomfortable initially, but as soon as you talk to new people you get to feel yourself back on your feet. Same way, networking helps you to find yourself in the best condition not only in the business world,but alsogets you across various uncertainties of life.

First, being a Business student, you have to start working on building your networking early right from your Bachelor degree. Find ways to interact with people: you can ask them for help to do assignment; it maybe because of the similar kind of interests, tastes and preferences, background etc. as most of the people do look for others who share their interests. Start from your class fellows as it is important to know the people around you. Don’t judge anybody as to be useless: you never know, a person you once considered of no use might be the only one who could help you out in the future. Make a diverse network: don`t just stick to your friends and classmates alone, rather, be open to everyone like your teachers, administrators, other employees, and even your college bus mates. You may come across opportunities you never heard of before, such as scholarships, internships, and jobs etc. just by talking to people in your circle.

Always remember, people tend to build relationships with those who can help them. You have to be cautious about those individuals who seem to be only one sided in their approach. Meeting new people is good as I said before, but it does not mean that you have to stick to affiliation with every Tom, Dick and Harry who seems to be only a time waster. Sometimes you have to go with your instincts and trust your judgment. Rather spend more time with genuine people to further strengthen the relationships. Stay in touch: use every platform which maybe online social media, through cell phone or physical meetings. Be authentic: you don`t have to lie about anything that can come back to haunt you in future and spoil your relationships with the key people.


Whether you need some key references for your MBA application essay to getting admission to your preferred institute or for getting a job, you will always need help from those who you have networked with over the course of your studies. So, work on your networking before it gets too late.

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