Creativity doesn””t come easy so try harder!
Creativity doesn””t come easy so try harder!
0 October 29, 2014

Everyone wants to be creative, write creatively and read creative articles. Usual ideas and normal writings are too mainstream, so everyone is looking for innovation. You just can””””””””t ignore that in today””””””””s competitive environment you need to stand out and prove yourself as above others. Whether you are a student or a professional you have to impress your mentor and the best way is through uniqueness. If you come up with out of the box theme for an office project, then your boss will be pleased.

In the same way, if you do something totally different in your assignment from the rest of the class, then you will surely get higher grades and good remarks and there will be no need to say- I want someone to write my essay.

Now, before we move on lets understand what creativity actually is. It is basically to do something that others can””””””””t even think of. To bring up ideas which are unique and have never been considered before. It is thinking out of the box and total ignorance of traditional ways of doing things. The definition of creative thinking ‘to create something’ has a deep meaning. To create something on your own, so that it has no similarity with any other thing. Thomas Edison “created” bulb and thus it can be said that he was creative in his thinking to give something to the world that was never before existed.

Now that we know what creativity is you might have understood the level of difficulty it would cause. So let””s find out how you can bring new and innovative ideas. First, think what is conventional and then see the other perspective of the same idea. Think of how some ideas could be made better. Another way is to look deep into the nature and discover the secrets. See that part of the environment which is relevant to you. For instance, if you want to write about fashion industry you can look at the trees and patterns from where you can create similar designs. Similarly, if you want to find ideas about technical aspects then see how the earth environment is organized and how you can learn from it.

Lastly, if you have given considerable thought to almost everything and still aren””””””””t impressed by your list of ideas then take a break. Relaxing your mind might trigger the aspects which were ignored before. Watch a movie or go out for a walk. That””””””””s where you can find something worth!

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