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0 November 26, 2014

In this age of the internet, the phrase “Can’t be done” has almost been deleted from the dictionary and people know that whatever the issue is nowadays can be removed by just asking the internet to aid you. They say that the internet is a vast sea of information and you can never get to the other end, even if you keep swimming for eternity. It’s actually true when you come to think about it, every day there are endless websites getting hosted online, more and more people exploiting the fact that through the online web they can let the whole world in on their secrets about life or about the services that they provide. The internet has also made our lives a lot merrier when it comes to seeking help regarding anything in life. We are now free to ask the internet to arrange for us a plumber or anything that we want; we know that it will come up with a few answers and will also suggest us which option is the best of the lot.

A few years ago, there was nothing that the students could benefit from really over the internet. No educational videos, no tutorials and no online writing companies. Students had to do all the work with their own hands and brains and no matter how bad the teachers at school were at teaching they had to somehow get a hold of the Doppler’s effect from their peculiar board diagrams. It was really a problem and now when you come to think about it

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