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Research is part of academia, and is something that comes in use on a routine basis. When students are thrown different challenges during their academic term, they most often come across assignments where research becomes an integral part. Towards the end of their term students, are given a task called thesis or a dissertation where research is one of the most crucial parts of the assignment. If students are weak at part or aspect of research, then it becomes tough for them to finish an assignment even a small essay, which requires different arguments. Research is, basically, looking for answers through various different sources in order to solve a particular research problem. It is basically divided into two major sections called primary and secondary research. Primary research is when a student uses different ways to collect data from a mass or a sample population based around the subject of interest. These ways can be a questionnaire, an interview, a focus group discussion or just simply question and answers. Secondary research is using the work, studies and literature that have p

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0 October 29, 2014

Everyone wants to be creative, write creatively and read creative articles. Usual ideas and normal writings are too mainstream, so everyone is looking for innovation. You just can””””””””t ignore that in today””””””””s competitive environment you need to stand out and prove yourself as above others. Whether you are a student or a professional you have to impress your mentor and the best way is through uniqueness. If you come up with out of the box theme for an office project, then your boss will be pleased.

In the same way, if you do something totally different in your assignment from the rest of the class, then you will surely get higher grades and good remarks and there will be no need to say- I want someone to write my essay.

Now, before we move on lets understand what creativity actually is. It is basically to do something that others can””””””””t even think of. To bring up ideas which are unique and have never been considered before. It is thinking ou

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