How to Become a Writer Using English if It””s Your Second Language
0 April 11, 2022

How to Write an Autobiographical Essay? (Complete Guide)

Writing an autobiographical essay is different from writing a general essay. You have to talk about yourself. You need to discuss your personal information. Mostly, what people find immensely difficult is starting such a kind of essay. So here is a complete guide for writing an amazing autobiographical essay.

What to Write in an Autobiographical Essay?

Mostly, you have to write about 1 or 2 stories of your life. You have to talk a little about your background and family. Then, transition into stories and events that changed your life or you learned something from them. You can also discuss your achievements and the events which made you who you are today. Talk a little about your goals and end with a lesson.

How to Start your Autobiographical Essay?

The best way when you think about how to start an autobiographical essay is to start with a hooking sentence. Whether you start it with your name, family background or just with your story, make sure it’s interesting. Read a few lines aloud. If you think they are engaging then that’s the best start. Another great way is to write a short paragraph from your story. Then, tell about yourself in the next paragraph and slowly move towards the story. This will hook the readers. Here’s a tip. You can ask your family members or friends to read and review

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0 March 4, 2022

Useful Tips and Ideas to Compose Analytical Essay Topics

Writing essays on analysis topics is not the same as writing a standard academic essay. This essay type is heavily reliant on critical thinking and a thorough understanding of the subject matter. To choose any analytical report topics, you must understand how to write an analytical essay. It might be a difficult path. Using an analysis paper topics outlined as a plan of action will help you remove the unseen hurdles with any homework task or topics for analytical essays. Remember not to mix an analytical essay with a summary! It is the most important notion a student should understand while responding to a query to explain an analytical paper?

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0 April 16, 2016

The impact of technology on education has been massive. The advancements have been welcomed in all sectors of the education throughout the course of developments made in personal computing. In fact, computers have always been marketed from a learning viewpoint. They have constantly been a part of schools and colleges in all parts of the world since the past decade. After the arrival of the internet and World Wide Web, exchange of information was possible on a global. This unprecedented facility of international access to data was seen as an opportunity to share knowledge, which has formed the basis of internet learning today. With the advent of 3G and 4G technologies in mobile internet, high speed browsing, surfing and downloading can be achieved on the go. This makes gaining access to the internet extremely easy. On a college campus location students can easily go online without the need of computer labs, which can invariably accommodate a limited number of students. Telecomm firms all around the globe have used the concept of internet learning to market the provision of their internet facilities. With smartphones becoming more affordable by the day, an incredible amount of effort goes into developing apps which make learning fun. From school level math to riveting rocket science, internet teaches everything.

 Online courses, degrees and certifica

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Writing in a language that is not your native tongue can be a challenge. However, for a language known and used all over the world, it is almost impossible to avoid the probability of coming across one.  Certainly, a second language often becomes a barrier between understanding your culture and its instinctive values. However, with modernization and globalization in the run, being open-minded and accepting differences, is becoming the norm.If you desire to become a good writer and the problem you are facing is just, that English is your second language and you are at the right place for help. Mentioned below are a few guidelines that may get you across the challenge.

  • Find a direction

Always determine the purpose of writing. This will give you a sense of direction towards the beginning and the ending of your piece.

  • Go for Online Tests

A number of tests are available online these days. Try a few authentic and free online tests to determine your current level and areas that need improvement.

  • Focus on your Weaknesses

Prepare a list of what needs to be worked on and how you will approach each weakness.Then give more time to improve your weak points.

  • Read a lot

Read books, newspapers, magazines, articles and journals in English. Certain

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0 August 24, 2015

When we talk about modern day technology, we must understand that it does not mean a matter of past ten years or even a matter of the past two years. Technology is changing with the rate of overnight breakthroughs. It is all about a matter of months or days where a new technology will suddenly shine up and you will see something being done in a completely different manner altogether. The way we see technology is completely opposite to the way it was seen by the people of the past age. Just like every single thing has changed with the technological breakthroughs and the dynamics at which we operate on a routine basis also now have completely differentiated from the people of past age, business has also shown some changes. The way we carry on with our transactions, meetings and business deals has now got a lot to do with technology and computers. Today, one can do a breakthrough business deal with someone sitting miles apart or one can launch a fashion store from sitting at home. Today’s blog post will be talking about four ways through which technology has changed the way we do business in our daily lives. Technology has made business much easier and faster It is no hiding of the fact that technology like computer and the internet has not only made businesses much faster, but also easier. Managing your acc

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0 July 25, 2015

We strive all our lives in education institutes and what is the purpose for all that? What is our ultimate motivation that drives us throughout the countless years we spend at schools and then at colleges? Yes, we in fact just want to get financially stable; at-least most of us do. Money is the ultimate human motivation because once you have enough of it, you can attain everything else that you ever hoped for. Every dream that you might have had in some part in your life starts to look less like a dream and more like a reality. The problem though is that becoming financially stable, doesn’t just require you to be educated, it requires you to be “employed”. Becoming employed is also not an easy task because unless you are an ambitious person and want to be an entrepreneur, you will have to search for jobs and believe us when we tell you, the struggle is intense. You have to apply to almost every position that you think suits your caliber and skill set and if you don’t prepare a good resume then you know that you will just keep applying. How to then create a winning resume? How to then list down only the things that you know can make a difference and how to then win a job in your first application? Read on to unravel the answers to all of these questions: Understand How To Make Your Life Easier With A Student Loan

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Several students feel lost and isolated half way through or in the beginning of their academic journey because they often find themselves incapable of being able to carry it further. This inability to complete their educational journey is often a result of the expenses. Students take up several jobs and work extra hours in order to ensure their academic future is not affected. However, if they do it correctly and with proper guidelines they can study without the stress and pressure and work just about enough that helps them pay back their student loan once their education is over. Thus, they do not need to spend their days and nights working and studying when they can balance it out with the right support, the right way. Getting a student loan helps students to not ask for money or borrow money from someone and then feel uncomfortable in their presence till they have paid every penny back. Thus, the very first thing they need to do is to not jump at the opportunity of getting a student loan. There are several types of financial aid programs out there for students aimed at giving these students the money in the manner they need it. This starts with them choosing the right program for themselves after researching; they should compare all the packages they have kept as an option for themselves and choose one wisely. It is very easy to get carried away when it feels like one is get

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0 December 17, 2014

No matter whether you are in high school or college, chances are that you have to write an essay every week. And that is the one thing that most students struggle with. And there is good reason too-writing an essay isn’t really an easy task. Because most students find the task of writing an essay a difficult one, they often try to get someone else to write their essay for them. That is why they are always thinking- Will someone write my essay for me? But what they don’t realize is that writing an essay, any essay, is actually an easy task. All you have to do is to keep these things in mind:

  1. The Topic

Choosing the right topic can mean a brilliantly written essay. That is why you should always choose a topic you are interested in and you know a lot about. Because this will save you a lot of time. But if you aren’t at the liberty to choose your own topic, then you will have to research it well, which brings us to our next step.

  1. Researching the topic

Even if you already know about a topic, you should still research it further. And if you don’t know about it, then you are left with no choice. So how can you do that? That’s simple. You need to read several books on the topic. You can also use the in

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0 December 3, 2014

Networking is an art of establishing productive relationships with key individuals who might help you in any walk of life, like your next job search, getting an admission or any unknown opportunity, which you would not be able to get on your own. Being an MBA student, one would be in need of references of teachers for admission to any Business Institute or internship supervisors, entrepreneurs etc. for a specific job. Imagine if you had to move into a new city, you would definitely feel uncomfortable initially, but as soon as you talk to new people you get to feel yourself back on your feet. Same way, networking helps you to find yourself in the best condition not only in the business world,but alsogets you across various uncertainties of life. First, being a Business student, you have to start working on building your networking early right from your Bachelor degree. Find ways to interact with people: you can ask them for help to do assignment; it maybe because of the similar kind of interests, tastes and preferences, background etc. as most of the people do look for others who share their interests. Start from your class fellows as it is important to know the people around you. Don’t judge anybody as to be useless: you never know, a person you once considered of no use might be the only

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0 November 26, 2014

In this age of the internet, the phrase “Can’t be done” has almost been deleted from the dictionary and people know that whatever the issue is nowadays can be removed by just asking the internet to aid you. They say that the internet is a vast sea of information and you can never get to the other end, even if you keep swimming for eternity. It’s actually true when you come to think about it, every day there are endless websites getting hosted online, more and more people exploiting the fact that through the online web they can let the whole world in on their secrets about life or about the services that they provide. The internet has also made our lives a lot merrier when it comes to seeking help regarding anything in life. We are now free to ask the internet to arrange for us a plumber or anything that we want; we know that it will come up with a few answers and will also suggest us which option is the best of the lot.

A few years ago, there was nothing that the students could benefit from really over the internet. No educational videos, no tutorials and no online writing companies. Students had to do all the work with their own hands and brains and no matter how bad the teachers at school were at teaching they had to somehow get a hold of the Doppler’s effect from their peculiar board diagrams. It was really a problem and now when you come to think about it

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